Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

.Golha Food Industries spends a large part of its production every month helping various charities and providing food baskets to the poor families, orphans, special patients .


Kahrizak Charity, with an area of ​​420,000 square meters of infrastructure and maintenance, treatment and tonnage of nearly 2,000 elderly, disabled and MS patients, is one of the largest and most unique charities in the Middle East and the world.


Dr. Mehdi Karimi Tafreshi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golha Food Industries Complex, has been introduced as the first and only holder of the title of benefactor of Kahrizak Charitable Organization.


Dr. Karimi Tafreshi has also been awarded the title of Healthy Food Ambassador by the Hemophilia Centre of Iran, which is one of the largest Hemophilia centres operating under the auspices of the World Hemophilia Confederation. Golha Food Industries Complex has played an important role in providing one of the important devices needed for this centre by allocating capital, while it has also played a role in providing the food basket needed by the families covered by this centre at different times.


Also, Dr. Mehdi Karimi Tafreshi has been awarded the title of Charity Ambassador due to his valuable services in helping charities and social responsibility.


As an Autism ambassador, Dr. Karimi Tafreshi helps educate children with Autism, pay for a therapist, and etc...


Golha Food Industries has been running and managing a charity foundation for many years, and a large part of Golha's products in this charity foundation are used to help the poors, and also in religious ceremonies and occasions, this foundation provides food to numbers of people. Many people is neccery have an active presence.


Mahak Charitable Foundation, which is one of the most important charitable centers to help children with cancer in the country, is one of the charitable centers that Golha Food Industry Complex has been sending cash and goods donations to this center for many years. . In addition, by allocating several fundraising funds in the factory, it sends the collected donations to this charity foundation on a monthly basis.


The Mehrafarin Priya Charity, which covers children with cancer and their families, and the Fadak Charity, a large, well-established charity that covers homeless and sick women and girls, are also among the charities. That Golha Food Industries Complex is involved in providing a part of their product basket. Dr. Karimi Tafreshi, as a member of the board of trustees of this charity, supports them.


Golha Food Industries Complex has also been active in providing stationery for children in need, sending goods to earthquake victims, and sending cash and goods to the Foundation for Special Diseases and many foundations and charities.


Special Diseases Foundation, Welfare Organization, Charity Center, Bashir Hedayat Elahi Charity Association, Parsa Charity Association and Imam Reza (AS) Charity and Charity Institute, Imam Ali (AS) Society are among the charities that Golha food industries has helped them in cash and goods over the years.


Helping the flood victims has also been part of the complex's charitable activities.


Golha Food Industries received the National Award for Social Responsibility from the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Iran in 2018 for valuable services in the field of social responsibility in 2018.


Child Labors Rights Protection Association, with the support and support of Golha Food Industries Complex, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Child Labor, unveiled an important and effective study on recognizing, preventing and controlling the phenomenon of children's garbage collection in Tehran.


In this ceremony, the short film "Child Loot" made directed by Dr. Solmaz Sedghi and with the spiritual support of Dr. Mehdi Karimi Tafreshi, the top entrepreneur in the Islamic world, with the title of Ambassador of Health, Peace and Charity in the country and supporter of working children was screened and unveiled.


This research is an important step towards recognizing and controlling the social problem of children's garbage collection and the damage caused by it, which has been less addressed so far and needs a more careful look by the relevant institutions.

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