Terms and conditions of using the services of the Golhaland 

Dear user, please carefully consider the following items in order to make the best use of the services and applications of the Golhaland .

User access to the Golhaland website when using personal profiles, promotions, video media of the Golhaland and other services provided by the Golhaland means being aware of and accepting the terms and conditions as well as how to use the services .

Note that registering an order at any time means full acceptance of all terms and conditions of the Golhaland by the user.

General Rules

Note that all the principles and procedures of the Golhaland are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of E.commerce and the law of consumer protection, and consequently the user is obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. If there are any changes in the rules, procedures and services of the Golhaland in the future, they will be published and updated on this page, and you agree that your continued use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. .

Define the customer or user

A customer or user is a person who, with the user information he / she has entered in the registration form, registers an order or any use of the services of the Golhaland.

Electronic Communications

When you use the services of the Golhaland, place an online order or purchase, or email the Golhaland, these communications are made electronically and upon request If you follow all the principles and procedures, you agree that Golhaland will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, SMS service and other electronic services).
Golhaland may also send emails or text messages to members of the website to inform them of special events, services and services. If users do not wish to receive such emails and text messages, they can unsubscribe from receiving the Golhaland newsletter in their profile.

Privacy policies

Golhaland respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use the site's services.
Golhaland is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. In fact, by using the Golhaland site, you signify your consent to this policy.
All content available through any of the Golhaland services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, video images, downloadable and copyable items, data and all content produced by the Golhaland is part of the Golhaland property. The right to use and publish all available and available content is the exclusive property of the Golhaland, and any use without obtaining written permission reserves the right to prosecute the Golhaland. Registered is also the monopoly of the Golhaland and any use for commercial purposes is prosecuted. Users are allowed to exploit and use the list of products, technical specifications, prices and any use of website derivatives or any of the services or content, download or copy information for commercial purposes, similar methods such as aggregation Are not data collection and extraction tools, and all of these rights are expressly reserved for the Golhaland. In case of using any of the services of Golhaland, users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and all activities that take place under the account or password are the responsibility of users.
Users can only use the addresses listed in the
Contact Us section to communicate.

Registration, processing and sending of orders

Working day means Saturday to Thursday of each week, with the exception of public holidays in Iran, and all registered orders are processed during working days and the first day after the holidays.
Golhaland allows its customers to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Golhaland always takes utmost care in sending and delivering all registered orders. However, if the stock of products in the Golhaland runs out, even after the customer places an order, the Golhaland reserves the right to cancel that order or refund the order, or the customer can replace the goods. When finished, replace another product.
Golhaland is allowed to stop its actions and sales without prior notice to stop new orders, and all registered orders will be processed and sent before the order is stopped. The Golhaland reserves the right to discontinue the sale of all or part of the products for any reason, such as the depletion of inventory without prior notice.
Users must complete the order form with correct and complete information when ordering the desired product. Obviously, in case of incomplete or incorrect information, the user's order can not be tracked and delivered.

Damage when sending

Golhaland always does its best to ensure that all orders reach its customers all over the country without any damage. Any damage during the shipment and delivery of the product is the responsibility of the shipping company and Golhaland will only compensate the damage if approved by the shipping company and in order to facilitate follow-up.
Damages caused by transportation must be reported to the after-sales service of the Golhaland within 24 working hours after delivery of the order, and the damaged goods together with

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