About Us

About Us

Golha Food Industries Complex traditionally started its activity in 1318 from Nowruz Khan stairs. At that time, when spices and dried vegetables were sold in funnel-shaped papers, the founder of Golha was the first to buy one-sided sewing nylons from Russian sailors and to pack food with charcoal irons. In those years,

the first generation of Golha made an important decision according to the requirements of the time and conditions of society and the needs of that period; That decision has become the cornerstone of today's huge and enduring collection.

In 1345, the second generation of this complex started its activities and in accordance with the conditions of the society, it moved from the traditional production of products to industrialization. The efforts of the second generation of Golha were achieved through the efforts of the late Abdolreza Karimi Tafreshi, and this collection took on an industrial form. Moving forward and stepping into the path of technology, the need for new thoughts and ideas was felt. This was the time when the third generation of Golha came with a new way of thinking in the early eighties, this time to move the wheel of industry with the help of modern science and technology and youthful force. We are proud to announce that today, almost 20 years after the start of the third generation of Golha, this food industry complex has more than 350 types of products in its product portfolio and has created a huge entrepreneurship of several thousand people across the country.

Golha Food Industries with nearly 100 years of proud presence in the Iranian food industry and gaining all kinds of honors, awards and national and international certificates and having the most diverse food basket has long been an irreplaceable guest at the tables of the honorable people of Iran.

We are proud that the children of yesterday, the mothers and fathers of today, and the future makers of this country and all generations of our beloved homeland have grown up with Golha and remember the familiar taste of its products. Undoubtedly, until the day when these loyal people make their sweet memories with the aroma and flavor of Golha products and are loyal to the Golha, the food industry of Golha will continue to shine on the peaks of pride.

Golha food industry is one of the brands that has the highest national and international certifications and honors. This collection has been a standard sample unit for several consecutive years. It has also had the honor of winning the title of Consumer Brand in Consumer Years; This has shown the trust of intelligent customers and consumers of Golha. For example, Golha is the first holder of the standard food salt mark in Iran; It is also one of the first brands to receive the International Food and Drug Administration (FDA) International Registration Certification. This production unit is the first factory in Iran that has succeeded in receiving a certificate of more than one hundred years from UNESCO, and this is a great honor for the brand of Golha and our country.

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