Golha food industry is one of the brands that has the highest national and international certifications and honors. This set has been a standard sample unit variable for several years. He was also proud to have bought the title of buyer during the changing years, which has been ruled by the trust of the customer and the intelligent buyers of Golha. Is the first holder of the standard food salt mark in Iran. One of the first brands to receive the International Food and Drug Administration International Certificate of Power and Food Supervision.

Golha Food Industry is the first factory to receive a certificate of more than one hundred years old from UNESCO, and this is a great honor for Golha brand and our country.

This brand is one of the oldest and most familiar brands that has long had a special place on the tables of the Iranian people and has been placed in the historical memory of the Iranian people as a nostalgic brand.

Some of the honors and awards of Golha Food Industry:

Holder of a certificate dating back more than one hundred years from the National Commission for UNESCO

The first holder of the standard food salt mark in Iran

National standard sample unit for many years

Holder of the golden statue of the popular brand of consumers for many years

Popular brand for consumers to choose in the group of spices and condiments, flours, cereals, nuts and nuts, powder cake, jelly, semi-finished foods

Holder of the golden statue of the top food companies selected by consumers in changing years

Holder of the excellent mark of attention to quality from the quality of Iranian quality

Holder of a golden statue and a five-star quality certificate from the Iranian Quality Association

Place of the brand selected by consumers with the highest percentage of votes in the group of spices, condiments, salt, flour, cereals and beans in the survey of lasting taste

Receive golden quality from the Iranian Grain Science and Technology Association

Receive the Golden Shahab statue from the top R&D festival for several consecutive years

Receive Zarrin, the most consumed food products, from the organizational success chain conference

Holder of the ISO gold medal from the TUV company in Germany

Receive a statue and show the official quality and appropriate food on the occasion of World Food Day

Receive the golden statue of the sample R&D units from the Festival of Creativity and Creation in the field of industry and mining

Selected by the National Top Brands Festival as one of the top brands in Iran

Holder of the statue of consumer protection

Receive a national merit and a special medal of customer trust in the design and national congress of the national merit badge

Receive a golden statue from the conference of the top products of Iran's food industry

Receive a golden statue from the Festival of Selected Managers of Iranian Industry Brands


Golha food industry has the largest variety of national and international certificates and standards in Iran, some of which are:

         International Certificate of Quality Assurance and Health of PQH Food Products from ICS International Group

       Research and Development Certificate (Research and Development) from the Ministry of Industry)

        International quality management standard ISO 9001 from the German company TUV

      International Food Standard (HACCP) from the German company TUV

      Gold Star Certificate (GOLDEN STAR) Quality upgrade from Europe

      International Halal Certificate

     SFBB Food Certificate from URS UK

    International Certificate of ISO 22000 Food Consumption Management from TUV Germany
ISO 14000 international environmental management certification from the German company TUV
OHSAS 18001 International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health Management from TUV Germany
ISO 10668 International Certificate of Brand Value Management from DQS Germany

ISO 10002 International Certificate in Customer Complaint Management from Niscert Canada

International Food and Drug Administration Certification and Supervision Certificate from the US FDA

Holder of a membership license in the union of managers of knowledge-based centers of the country

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